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Just to clarify issues regarding the project and production inputs, Reloaded the project features many artists fromt the camp, which has been founded by DJ H.

DJ H has a full state of the art music studio built at his home, where all the pre production, vocal recordings and instrument percussion takes place, alongside engineers Kam and RDB, who engineer the tracks, like they have done with many artists in the industry.

The Album inlays and the website does clearly state and credit the artists involved with their tracks and wher the final engineering has been taken place and and what studio has been used, all credit has been given where it is due.

DJ H has now also invested in Film Production team – Ballistic Productions, who have already set up a production house in Dubai for international filming and editing, H has also a top of the range edit suite at his home next to his music studio.

Reloaded is being taken to another level with 6 high budget music videos, shot in UK, LA, Mumbai, Punjab and Dubai.
The Reloaded Camp is then next step forward for DJ H, setting up his camp of artists, who in their own ways have all had their inputs towards the album, from singing, producing, and promoting.

DJ H is a very succesfull professional DJ who week in week out is regularly on the roads catering for roadshow bookings for the highly acclaimed Calibar Roadshow..
So People.. be prepared for the Reloaded Experience
Reloaded Video promo