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DATE: 1st MARCH 2007


With almost a decade of chart topping experience, the internationally acclaimed DJs and

producers RDB (Rhythm Dhol Bass) have now launched their very own record label, THREE

RECORDS. This revolutionary new label has set its goals to release a variety of musical

masterpieces in a variety of genres to not just an internationally growing Asian market but also

the globally expanding mainstream music channels and distribution networks.

The RDB Brothers

Having contributed to over 30 critically acclaimed albums, the success of the RDB brothers has

been exponential. Not only have they been performing to thousands of fans in Asia, USA,

Australasia, North America and ever corner of Europe, but over the past decade, the brothers

have produced a multitude of chart topping albums which in turn have launched the musical

careers of a plethora of other remarkable artists.

The RDB brothers have firmly established themselves as major international artists and now are

globally launching their very own label.

“Setting up our label was simply a natural progression of things to come… we couldn’t have

asked for any more support from our previous label… they’ve always

been there for us… but we felt it was now time to spread our wings and venture into this

industry using our own unique methods …” Surj RDB

Surj RDB

Based in both the UK and Canada, the RDB brothers are always aspiring to pioneer new sounds

and products for all market genres worldwide.

(For more info on RDB, see “note to editors” at the end of this document)

Three Records

The THREE RECORDS label itself has been uniquely setup “by musicians for musicians”. This

pioneering combination of music and business hopes to give each artist more creative space and

a better musical understanding than ever offered before.

The labels main aims are to expand the current UK Asian genre of music to a larger market of

customers, outlets, media companies and distribution networks worldwide. Having offices in both