‘Raw As Folk’ is the first release of the much hyped-about, much talked about Bazaar Records and features music from the mighty Tru Skool with vocals being graced by Bazaar’s very own Kaka Bhaniawala, Kulwinder Johal, Gurbhej Brar and Dippa Dosanjh (Satrang).  The album contains 9 mind blowing tracks to suit every mood featuring lyrics from the legendary ‘Dev Thrikewala.’ 
In a fresh and modern twist, Bazaar has created a mega-collaboration and features all of the mentioned artists in one massive boliyaan – ‘Battle Boliyaan’.
The album is a the pinnacle of many years in the making of Bazaar where traditional roots have been fused with modern and eclectic Asian and world beats to produce a new wave of music- the Album compromise of raw east cost hip hop beats with traditional Panjabi folk.
There’s also a special surprise vocals from Tru Skool that features in the album and those who know about the music will really appreciate this one!!!
There will be launch parties for the release of the album and for the announcement of Bazaar as a major player on the scene happening all over the UK.  Look out for the events because Bazaar knows how to put on a bash!
The album is titled ‘Raw As Folk’ which is due for worldwide release in June 2007.
 Kaka Bhaniawala
Tru Skool
Please visit Bazaar website for further details www.bazaarrecords.co.uk