Pureishq.com Blind Date Competition

New Online matrimonial Site Aims to Bring People Together

Pureishq.com has a put a new twist on the concept of a “Blind Date”

 Pure Ishq BlindDate

There are many ways to find a partner online. But what about that 1st date itself?

PureIshq  BlindDate2

Would you have the courage to spend an evening with a stranger, knowing nothing but their name, age and occupation, and then have their verdict on you published in a national newspaper and aired on TV? Fortunately for us, our members have been brave enough to do exactly that. Since PureIshq.com launched in March they have received tremendous feedback from members and due to this they have set up their Blind date competition.

Pureishq.com will set up 3 couples, and the details of their encounters – the good, the bad and the downright bizarre – will become one of Pureishq.com best loved features.

The competition will go live from 9am Wednesday 10th June 2015 and lines will close midnight Friday 26th June 2015 where individuals will have the opportunity to register for the competition. Shortlisted individuals  will then be interviewed and individually filmed talking about what they would expect from their date. Each couple will then be given a brief about the blind date, this will then lead to that 1st date which will include a meal and entertainment at UK’s most exclusive and breathtaking entertainment centre Arabian Nites, Birmingham, Sultan Palace restaurant and enjoy the delightful dessert bar and boutique bowling ally throughout the evening. After the date couples will be invited to give post blind date interviews talking about how they felt their date went and what the future could hold.

You will be able to catch up with some of the Pureishq.com Blind Date couples pre and post date and find out whether love was in the air on Punjab2000.com and Asianworldnews.co.uk online.


It became clear to the team at PureIshq.com that many of the services that were currently available on the market to date were unreliable with very little understanding of what the UK and Western market wanted. During the research carried out, many individuals related to poor experiences such as fake profiles, time wasters and bad intentions. Most sites for the Asian market seem to be tailored to India and are not portrayed too well within the UK. Western audiences  continually face approaches, through the various different sites, not only from getting  inappropriate prospects, but the locations of these prospects tends to be usually from India or the wider subcontinent which are effectively now an alien culture to the majority of 2nd and 3rd generation Asians living in the UK,  a large gap which PureIshq.com intend to fill.


PureIsh.com, have a professionally tailored client centric portal and screening process that will address the problems that are being faced by users of some of the other matrimonial sites. The highly skilled back office team understand choice is everything when you’re looking for the right partner and that the grass roots of what the Western Asian users are searching for in their potential matches, that is why PureIshq.com has been created, purely dedicated to ‘Helping Love Find You’

The main feature that distinguishes Pureishq.com from other online matrimonial services is that the site is not accessible to non-members, which protects member’s privacy and prevents people randomly searching the profiles when they are not interested in marriage themselves. Most of all, the site has some fun elements, and the opportunity to find your soul mate, without even leaving the comfort of your living room.