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Punjab2000 Exclusive: A Tete-a-tete With The World’s Sexiest Asian Man Ali Zafar

                                             Total Siyappa (2)                                                                                       

Yes, you read it right. Khushi Qazi from Punjab2000 catches up with actor-musician Ali Zafar, the first Pakistani to be crowned ‘Sexiest Asian Man’ in the 2013 Sexy List  about his upcoming romantic comedy film, TOTAL SIYAPAA in this exclusive interview. The film stars the stunning, Yami Gautam opposite Ali Zafar and also the real life couple, Anupam and Kirron Kher. An Indian-Pakistani love story, TOTAL SIYAPAA is releasing world-wide on March 7th, 2014.  Read along to know more about Ali’s experience filming this Siyapedaar(chaotic) film…


Q – Why the change in the name of film from ‘Aman Ki Asha’ to ‘Total Siyapaa’?

Ali : It was done because the title ‘Total Siyapaa’ suited the film more. It goes well with the genre which is comedy and the name represents that genre. ‘Aman Ki Asha’ was just a working title that we had to change eventually.


Q – What attracted you so much to the script that you agreed to do the movie?

Ali : The subject, the contents, the storyline and also the people who were making it. Neeraj Pandey has written it so well. I wanted to do something that bridges the gap between our two countries, India and Pakistan. And I loved the script so much that I decided to do this film.


Q – What is the character that you are playing in the movie?

Ali : The role that I’m essaying is of Aman. He is a guy from Pakistan. Aman is in love with an Indian girl named Asha. They both love each other and want to get married. So Asha  takes him home to meet her family and from there the Siyapaa(chaos) starts when her family finds out that Aman is a Pakistani. They go berserk and freak out. Something or the other starts going wrong and Aman gets into a very awkward situation and how he wins Asha’s family over is the crux of the story.


Q – You are starring the film with Yami Gautam who is just a film old. How is she as a co-star?

Ali : She is a wonderful co-star. She is a lovely girl to work with, and also very decent and professional. We had a great time working on this film together. It was fun because the film was a comedy. So I enjoyed a lot.

Total Siyappa (1)


Q : The film also stars Mr. Anupam Kher and Mrs. Kirron Kher who are seniors and have more experience in the industry. How was the experience working with them?

Ali : I learned a lot from them as they have more experience than me and are veterans in this industry. They are fun and very nice people to work with. We worked like a family, so it was a great experience.


Q – Any memorable incident from the set that you would like to share with us?

Ali : For me, every day at the shoot was memorable, especially when we were shooting for the song ‘Palat Meri Jaan’. It was beautiful and nice and sunny. I loved filming that particular song. The whole ambiance was amazing. It was a memorable experience.

Q – Is ‘Total Siyapaa’ going to release in Pakistan as well?

Ali : Well, let’s hope so. I really want to release there. I want the Pakistani audience to see the film.


Q – Do you think this film will contribute in strengthening the bond between the two countries?

Ali : I think, it will certainly change perception to some level and will help in understanding each other a little bit more.


Q – The critics have really appreciated the trailer and promos. What are your expectations from the film?

Ali : Anything that you do, you do it with your heart and soul and you want it to work. When I saw the film, I was kind of lost into it and in the characters. I think the audience will like it. After working so hard on it, I expect it to do well and make a difference.


Q – You seem like you enjoy doing comedy films more looking at your earlier films. Would you like to stick to this genre or do different films too?

Ali : I would like to do different genres too. My next film is ‘Kill Dil’ which is an action drama. I would like to experience different genres. I love doing comedy too. And I don’t want to keep doing only comedy. I want to expand and become a versatile actor. But for comedy I do tend to have a natural flair. I don’t have to try too hard to be funny.


Q – You’ve also composed the music of the film?

Ali : Yes, the music was composed in Pakistan. Most of the musicians used were from there because I like to work from my studio which is in Lahore. But it was mastered by a guy here.

Total Siyappa (4)


Q – How does it feel being the ‘Sexiest Asian Man’ in the whole world?

Ali : It feels sexy. (laughs) I never expected it actually. I’m actually very flattered. I didn’t even know how I ended up in the list, let alone topping it. It’s very over whelming. I feel blessed.


Q – How did your wife react to the title?

Ali : She said that finally the world has found out how sexy my husband is. (laughs)


Q – You are an actor, a songwriter, a musician, a singer. Where does all this creativity come from?

Ali : I think it comes from a place called ‘Creative Heaven’.


Q – Do you feel pressured as you are representing your country here in Bollywood?

Ali : I don’t take any pressure in life. Whatever has to happen will happen. Plus the Indian audience has been so welcoming which was beyond my expectations. They have been so warm and loving. I’m deeply indebted to the Indian audience for their love and care and appreciation. So I don’t feel pressured. I feel extremely lucky.


Q – Have you ever felt any bias from the audience, considering they know you’re a Pakistani?

Ali : No, I haven’t faced any biases. I’ve been welcomed with an open heart and a lot of appreciation. More than me, it’s the people who are responsible for making me who I am today.


Q – Any message for you fans and our readers?

Ali : Stay true to yourself and watch ‘Total Siyapaa’ because you’ll have a lot of fun watching it.


Thank you so much for the interview Ali and all the very best for Total Siyapaa. Have a great evening.

Ali : Thank you Khushi. To you as well.


Total Siyapaa is produced by Reliance Entertainment.


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