PropheC and Deep C -Without You

“We haven’t felt a vibe like this in while. We started with a few drums and just kept adding to it. It was truly inspired by the moment,” Deep C said. “I was writing the lyrics while PropheC made the beat.”



The duo continues to make their mark on the Urban Desi scene, leading into the summer with a hot new track.


“We’re constantly producing beats, making songs. But it’s only the ones we feel are truly exceptional that we choose to put out,” PropheC said while mastering the song in his studio.


“It’s a hard track. I do melodies, which usually result in slower, deeper sounds. This time, however, we wanted to take another direction with it, while still maintaining the elements that make my signature sound.


The promo has just released, and the full track is set to release June 12, and will be available from the PropheC’s official website,