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 The zone will be one of the UK’s biggest Samsung branded outlets, specially selected by the technology brand due to PRC’s reputation as the UK’s leading and award-winning independent retailer of top brand electricals.  
The prestigious event and ribbon cutting ceremony will be hosted by PRC’s Founder, John Digwa, and Vice-President of Samsung UK, Andy Griffiths, among a guest list which will include a host of business leaders, VIP’s, technology industry aficionados and celebrities.

The event will present an exclusive preview look at the latest Samsung products in the consumer market. PRC will have exclusive access to new Samsung products at its flagship store and exclusive promotions will also be on offer to consumers.   

Samsung selected PRC to host their branded outlet because they have successfully traded for several years, growing together in business and building on an excellent relationship. Samsung acknowledged that PRC have the relevant experience and business acumen to make the venture a success, with a product range that is extensive and competitively priced as well as the vision to create an even greater demand for technology.


PRC are pioneers in the technology industry and are at the forefront of innovation, featuring the latest in technological developments in the surroundings of an award winning retail outlet favoured by a loyal fan base of thousands of satisfied customers, high profile corporations and celebrities. The re-launch of the flagship outlet is just one example of PRC’s continued success in a market which, like many other industries, has had to endure the bite of the recession.
With a dip of 3.3% in consumer spending on electrical goods, according to the British Retail Consortium, PRC are one step ahead of their competitors at all times, ensuring they stay at the top of their industry. Even more evidential of the need to be ahead of the game and compete for market share is the realisation that local branches of nationally recognised chains such as Somerfield’s and global corporations such as McDonalds, have recently ceased trading in the area.  Despite the current economic uncertainty, PRC is going from strength to strength and now welcomes one of the UK’s biggest Samsung branded outlets to its flagship store.