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Powerboat P1 Puts Marine Environment in Pole Position on World Oceans Day

On World Oceans Day, on 8th June 2012, P1 will lead the way in championing the cause of water preservation in order to help protect the world’s largest form of trade and life via its P1 Marine Foundation, a charity established in 2010 and dedicated to the conservation, protection and improvement of the marine and coastal environment through raising public awareness, education, and selected partnerships.  
One of the main causes of pollution of local waters is boating, with an estimated 45 percent of pollution being caused by marine transportation. In addition, oil spills from boat engines accounts for 900,000 metric tons annually of dangerous liquid into the world’s oceans. The common types of pollution caused by boats include hydrocarbons (oils and gasoline), heavy metals from paint, solvents used for cleaning and repair, phosphates and surfactants from detergents. Due to the current concerns over climate change and ecological degradation, Powerboat P1 has assessed its role within the environment sector and subsequently created an Environmental Policy. During last year's race season, P1 carried out a review to assess the impact of its operations and events, and then drew up targets for continually improving its environmental performance.
 These reviews and P1’s continued commitment to the environment will ensure a minimal amount of pollution and disruption coupled with a significant programme of education and awareness of the very real threats to the world's oceans when it brings its P1 SuperStock Championship to the UAE later this year. Powerboat P1 has translated its vision into practice by using the award-winning Evinrude E-tec engine to power its boats in the P1 Super Stock Championship. This decision was taken on the basis of its low emissions and compliancy with all EPA, CARB and EU standards. Recently, Powerboat P1 Chairman Asif Rangoonwala received the UIM 'Green Diploma' award in recognition of the company's excellent development work and application of environmentally friendly technologies and its efforts in 'greening' the sport of powerboat racing