Pictures From The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week - Sara Lage

Pictures From The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week – JOAN FABREGAS

Pictures From The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week - JOAN FABREGAS
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To reconstruct, restore or repair human skin is not only a medical surgery process, a cut reconstruction action or an incision using stitching or sutures, it is also a surgical medium related to the identity, to the personality itself and, at all events, to the need that the human being has to acquire it and to mould it into a new image. 
Perhaps it is this which most draws the science of surgery close to fashion creation; both seek to create or modify an image, reinforcing the personality and self-esteem by using gadgets such as the needle, thread and the process of textile assembly.  What a narrow gap there is between both techniques and how similar the procedures are.  
To create the patterns of the wrapper, like someone who creates a mould the other way round or like someone who restores an amputated face. Using as a base the same medium to cut the fabric and to sew the pieces together forming a new volume which adapts to the subject. 

This collection attempts to recreate the surgical actions which are closest to textile surgery, creating garments and fabrics which echo at all times their relationship with the body to which they adapt.
Some basic actions of the surgical environment are used for this.

The aim of this collection is to position it between two ways of seeking beauty: eternal repairing which seeks to perpetuate, recreating it, and the understanding of this beauty as a fragmented element of reality. 
The quest and the action of the fragmentary in beauty and its modification in order to perpetuate it is the guide on the path of textile surgery