Pictures From The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week - Sara Lage

Pictures From The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week – Francis Montesinos

Pictures From The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week - Francis Montesinos
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Seek in the deep blue of the sky, the reason for things, the
origin of existence, knowledge of the beyond…

Since its appearance in Gea’s bosom, Humanity has sensed – perhaps
that moment of transcendence which some call soul – its own origin in the immense star-dotted ocean on a clear, moonlit evening. Hundreds of thousands of years later, man continues to look at the stars to confirm the latest reason for our existence in the
Big Bang of the Universe.
This energy is commemorated in 2009, this search by humanity called Astronomy.



My collection for Spring-Summer 2009, «Urania», pays tribute to the magic which transforms the light of the sky and its stars in seconds, mere echoes, luminous shadows of millions of cosmic hecatombs, which still make human beings dream and, what is even better, think.


Urania, the last, most accurate, most precise muse, Apollo’s lover, crowned with stars and dressed in blue, lends her name to and stimulates the art of a collection which awakens with Eos, the dawn, in whites, greys and blues, dusty nuances sustained by textile finishes which transform the fabrics into new features.


The sparkling mist soon gives way to richer colour ranges, illuminating the firm’s brand: the printing of the fabrics, the iconography, whose younger, more subtle result is depicted in a pink, mauve and blood red palette on fabrics made out of cotton, silk voiles and openwork, transparent meshes.


Natural gauzes and organzas embrace the whole richness of the fiesta which culminates in a night blue sky with embroidery and precious stones in gold and silver.


Turning Urania into the Queen of the Firmament.