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PATIALA HOUSE HITS SCREENS WORLDWIDE! Photography by Shahzeb Photography


Armaan Kirmani, Selina Hotwani and Ankush Khanna, the UK based members of the cast, gathered with friends and family at a regional screening in London last night. They were also joined by Swedish actor Usman Qureshi, who plays a young Akshay in the film. Also in attendance were local stars Ameet Chana (Eastenders, Bend It Like Beckham) and Sunny and Shay Grewal (The Family) all of whom thoroughly enjoyed the film.


Shay Grewal and ‘The Family’ commented on the film:


“We really enjoyed this film and in the end it was great to see a family who stood united by their love. It's a lovely movie full of tears and laughter – A family movie that everyone will enjoy.”


The film follows the story of the Kahlon family, focussing particularly on the relationship between Parghat Singh Kahlon aka Gattu played by Akshay Kumar and his father, played by Rishi Kapoor.


Set predominantly in Southall, we see Rishi Kapoor trying to hold on to his Indian values in a land that he does not believe is home. Akshay Kumar, a talented cricketer is torn between following his dreams of playing for England and his respect for his father.


Armaan Kirmani, who plays Jassi Kahlon, Akshay’s brother in the film, also comments on the film:


“It was so great to finally see the movie! We spent so much time working on it and I’m very pleased with the final product. The support we have had from the people both here and worldwide has been incredibly inspiring, and it’s so humbling to see the British Asian community come together and champion actors like us, who are starting our careers alongside superstars such as Akshay Kumar and Rishi Kapoor.


I'm very different to the character I play! I hope people understand Jassi – the whole family lives in Akshay’s shadow and he is the perfect example of what Bauji thinks a son should be. I really enjoyed playing Jassi, he has been through a lot but he always puts his love and respect for his father before everyone else, and his journey throughout the film is very reflective of this. Playing a character like this has really helped me grow as an actor and I hope this is the first of many roles to come.”


The film also features world class cricketers from the best teams across the world, including India, England, Australia and Pakistan. It includes former England Captains; David Gower and John Emburey and marks Nasser Hussain’s acting debut, where not only does he play a role integral to Akshay’s success, but also showcases his hindi-speaking talent. 


The film premiered in Dubai on 9th February, where Bollywood fans in the UAE had the opportunity to meet the stars Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma, Rishi Kapoor and Hard Kaur.


Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma took an active part in the film's opening ceremonies as they played cricket and danced with young adults from the Dubai-based Special Needs Children Development Centre as part of a string of promotional events. Later in the evening, they were greeted by their fans at Lamcy Plaza Mall, before heading off to the gala red carpet premiere.


Fans had a chance of a lifetime to get up close and personal with the stars at the red carpet of the movie screening at Grand Cineplex, and later on in the night to party with them at Mirchi nightclub in Ramee Royal Hotel, where Hard Kaur performed to the pulsating beats from Patiala House.


The film has received phenomenal reviews from the media across the world, and releases worldwide on February 11th 2011.


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