Partitions is one of the distinguishing tracks from PunjabTronix. It tells an inspiring British Asian story in the month that marks 70 years since Partition created India and Pakistan. To mark the 70th anniversary Canvas Arts commissioned a special film to accompany the PunjabTronix track, Partitions. The film, directed by Vivek Vadoliya an up and coming director supported by Somesuch Productions, focuses on London’s Southall where, through portraits of the people who reside there, we see the thriving Punjabi community. The music, composed by DJ Swami for PunjabTronix, mixes traditional instruments with contemporary sounds and the film also celebrates the traditional yet modern side of the people of Southall. PunjabTronix features a new live collaboration between established British-Indian electronic music producer Swami and the finest folk musicians from Punjab, synchronised with unique live mixed digital video projections. The premiere UK tour of PunjabTronix took place in July 2017, with performances at Horniman Museum & Gardens (London), Arnolfini (Bristol), Norwich Arts Centre, Cambridge Junction, Rich Mix (London), Mac Birmingham and New Art Exchange (Nottingham). There are plans to tour PunjabTronix internationally in 2018. For full details on PunjabTronix visit Asian Arts Agency is a dynamic arts development agency that develops, promotes and supports international contemporary and traditional South Asian arts in the UK. Visit our website: