Panjabi By Nature – Sohni Lagdi video

Panjabi By Nature

 Sohni Lagdi

Homegrown’ has been one of this year’s biggest Bhangra albums, and now the man behind it, Panjabi By Nature is ready to release his third video – ‘Sohni Lagdi’.

It’s been almost 6 months since the chart topper that is ‘Aashiq’ hit our airwaves and plastered Miss Pooja across our screens and more recently, we were treated to another dance floor anthem – ‘Dancefloor’. The album ‘Homegrown’ has gone from strength to strength with a highly successful UK release and is now set to release in India.

Recently, Panjabi By Nature firmed up his record deal in India and whilst out there shot the video for not only his third release from the album but for the track which marks his singing debut. ‘Sohni Lagdi’ is a catchy desi pop song which features the Producer turned singer’s vocals alongside fellow Midlands based artist Apache Indian.

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