Panjab University honours Yash Chopra with an Honorary Doctorate

The Vice-President of India and Chancellor of the Panjab University, Dr. Hamid Ansari, conferred the D.Litt degree to Yash Chopra at the 57th Annual Convocation of the Panjab University in Chandigarh.
"I am confident that as the world changes and new vistas unfold before us, the youth of Punjab would seize new opportunities to uphold high the banter of their alma mater," said Dr. Hamid Ansari delivering the Presidential Address.
The University of Panjab was born at Simla in 1882 and prospered in Lahore. However, Panjab University took shape in difficult times in 1947 and had made a name for itself through the grit and excellence of students, researchers and teachers.