Palash Muchhal: The New Kid On The Block!

Child Prodigy! That’s the exact way to describe the new music sensation everyone is tweeting about!

Brother to Palak Muchhal and Salman Khan is his guiding pillar!


At just… yes just 18! Palash Muchhal is the surprise package the music industry has been waiting for.


His older sister, Palak, has undoubtedly made a mark for herself with her vocal talent and her immense charity work.

Palash who helps with their mission of – Saving Little Hearts has raised Rs. 2.13 crores for operations of 498 poor children suffering from cardiac diseases. They both have managed to do this just by performing shows worldwide.


Today Punjab2000 speaks to Palash about his work just as his new material is set to hit the big screens soon.



PT: At just 18 you’ve managed to work on some pretty amazing projects.

How did this happen? Luck? Being in the right place at the right time… or just all the networking.


PM: I would say it was a mixture of all three…. Luck, being at the right place and of course networking!!


I was into music since the age of 4 but started composing two years back! Fortunately I happened to meet some amazing people who showed their belief on me and made me compose music for their films like Harman bhaiya & Shilpa di.


PT: You’ve toured with Kalyanji Anandji and I believe, as you’ve mention to me before, Divya Kumar and you were from the same batch.

Do you look back and say…it all happened so fast? Or feel you never had a normal childhood but then this is the best childhood one could have!


PM: I feel that I am blessed to have had that childhood! I was the youngest member of Kalyanji Anandji fame Anandji’s little star and hence was pampered a lot! Being around some extremely talented and musical people since my childhood helped me understand music in a better way!


PT: On one of your blogs, it states that you’ve been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest guitarist!

That’s an awesome achievement… how did this happen, tell us.


PM: I made this record when I was 4! I enjoyed playing guitar that time and so do now! I feel the guitar is my best friend.


 Palash Muchhal: The New Kid On The Block!


PT: As your older sister, Palak’s now an established Bollywood singer too…do you guys ever toy with the idea of forming a band and releasing your own album?


PM: No we keep our professional lives separate! Though she sings all my composition and is always the first one to hear first scratch of my any song… We haven’t thought of collaborating for an album! She is doing well in her playback singing field and wants me to excel in my field of music direction.


PT: Okay, tell us what upcoming tracks we should definitely not miss!

A lot of the Bollywood fraternity is raving about your work. So what’s releasing and coming up soon.


PM: Well right now I am working on seventeen films out of which Shilpa Shetty‘s Dishkiyaoon and Amitabh Bachchan ji’s Bhootnath Returns are the immediate releases!


PT: You work with your sister on a few projects too. So what’s a lunchtime meal discussion like for you guys…all talk about music and work?


PM:  My sister is the one I spend most of my time with! Like other siblings we can have fight on any topic! We even have fights on the choice of TV channel we are watching! Of course we discuss music and are very honest with each other in terms of pointing out each other’s faults! But we also enjoy the most in each other’s company!



PT: Palak has always cited Salman Khan as being a positive source of inspiration. What about you?


PM: Yes Salman sir is indeed a positive source of inspiration and her guiding pillar! Not only her’s but mine also! He keeps guiding both of us and we ask him about every single step we are taking. I make him hear all my songs.


Palash Muchhal with Salman Khan


PT: And finally, your parents must be so proud if you both and especially about your charity work. Where does all this positive energy come from? Did your parents push you towards music or was it something you were born to do?


PM: We belong to a Marwari family and had no connection with music at all! Just my sister and I are the ones who came into this field! Our parents call it God’s Gift! But yes our parents have supported us like anything! They shifted all the way from Indore to Mumbai for us and have always encouraged us be it for charity or music!