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Pakke Karde – Taj Buttar Ft. Mofolactic – Official Video – Out Now – iTunes

Indian Student Recounts Hardships of Living Abroad.

Taj Buttar, a self confessed amateur vocalist has paired up with lyricist and friend, Tirath Araicha in this comical and honest take on life abroad as an Indian student.

Buttar, who has been living in Melbourne, Australia for some years now has felt the harships of student life first hand. He has worked as a taxi driver, car wash attendant, pizza delivery man and truck driver, all typical occupations for Indian students living in Australia.

“I don’t consider myself a skilled vocalist, however that being said it is still a passion of mine” said Buttar.

“My friend Tirath had these great lyrics that we had penned together in a carpark outside of the Gurudwara, and decided we would do something about it. Out of that came the song and ultimately, the video”.

The track titled “Pakke Karde” (Make me Permanent) highlights the various situations students find themselves in trying to make ends meet abroad away from their loved ones.

With music by Mofolactic (Australia) and video by Baqdrop, Pakke Karde will be released worldwide via E3AU Records on the 26th of September 2013.

Vocal: Taj Buttar
Lyricist Tirath Araicha
Music: Mofolactic
Video: Baqdrop
Label: E3AU