P2K Exclusive!!! ADH Back for the 2k8


Not only has he gone & done another duet with Ustad Kuldeep Manak Ji (His 2nd I think) , but ADH has gone 1 better & recorded a duet with the one n only MISS POOJA!!!!!
Music By Aman Hayer, Dr Zeus, B21 (Bhoota & Bally Jagpal)
& Hunterz.

No name has been set for the album yet, but rumor has is there will be 5 video's for this album. :o

2 Shot in the Panjab, 2 shot in N. America & 1 in the good ol UK (The Home of Bhangra) :D

Again not sure if this is going to be a CD / DVD pack like his previous album "Never Look Back" was.