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As Halloween is coming up, we at Punjab2000 thought we would give our followers a different outlook on this worldwide celebrated festival.

Nowadays children are being brought up in a modern Asian household, where every October children get excited for Halloween. As its a chance to just go wild and have fun. Halloween is for everyone, no matter what age you are or background your from.

Halloween is an American tradition that takes place every year on the 31st of October. It is when family and friends get together wearing scary costumes and enjoy each others company. Halloween is known for trick or treat, carving pumpkins, apple bobbing, haunted houses, playing games, decorating the house, telling scary stories or maybe watching horror movies.

Many people are getting ready to dress up in the most gruesome looking costumes, ready to wreak havoc on their friends, families or even foes. However Amrit Grewal a professional photographer based in Vancouver has given us an idea of how we can dress differently this Halloween. Amrit and his team have come up with a unique idea for upcoming brides which is called the ‘Once upon a time collection”.

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From the iconic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Cinderella and Mulan. The team have created beautiful designs that every girl wishes they could have. This East-West fusion has got all the ladies at Punjab2000 in a frenzy, I mean who doesn’t wish they could dress up as a princess for a day. Indian fashion has always been vibrant and eye catching but using a disney princess and creating their outfits from saris, lenghas, anarkalis and gowns is quite amazing.

For Halloween, why not dress up as a fairytale princess with an Indian twist. Not forgetting the men, instead of being Prince Charming this Halloween how about ‘Prince Frightening’. We hope this has given you an idea for an upcoming wedding or re-using your indian outfits to dress up this halloween and embrace this spooktacular festivity.

Take a look at the “Once upon a dress style shoot” video below. The video shows you how the team brought the creative idea to life.

Happy Halloween and be aware of the Trick or Treaters!

Please comment on your favourite design and let us know who you will be dressing up as this Halloween!

Wardrobe: http://wellgroomed.ca
Deco: http://www.universaldecorevents.com
Director: JasmineNijjar.com
Jewellery: High Heel Obsession
Make-up: Makeup Vibez by Ranjit Heer
Hair: Powder Room Studio – Saveena Shoal
Behind the scenes video: http://wisecatstudios.com