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OMG - OH MY GOD film review

OMG – OH MY GOD film review


Going to the temple and worshipping the holy god, praying as much as you like but this movie really will open your eyes.  Some may be offended; whilst others may not believe in the fact that god exists and will only find humour out of this film.


Kanji Bhai battles by himself against the world basically in the film, everyone believes in god and that he exists, but Kanji Bhai believes against it. Having everything of his taken away, in losses and damages, he stands on his two feet to get to god. Whilst everyone sees him as the mad crazy man, Kanji Bhai steps besides priests and reveal their money making business that they have created through the name of god and religion. People soon realise Kanji Bhai’s message that he has achieved through the court against god as Kanji wins his case. A message conveyed by one nonbeliever opens the eyes of everyone.  


Paresh Rawal had the lead star role and like always, the serious face of Paresh always makes one laugh. Every time he is serious on screen, it simply makes the audience laugh as well as the dialogues. Paresh Rawal played a fitting role in the film and never disappoints in the role he is given, from beginning till the end, his actions kept the mood in the film amusing.  Whenever Paresh Rawal moves off screen, it just feels that his character is always missing within those scenes; he is the type of character that is needed in every scene as he brings entertainment one way or the other. Akshay Kumar has a cameo role of playing god; a small on screen role is dominant enough. Akshay sparkles on camera as he plays a simple and not the over the top character that he did in his previous comedy films.


Mithun Chakraborty plays a guru in the film, must admit, his seriousness character does slow down the film at times, but the fellow priest such as Govind Namdeo helps to bring back some humour in their scenes as he is always being caught in what Paresh Rawal throws at him. Gopi Mayya had the least speaking role and felt as if she was simply a background filling character.


The script was well written; it had strong dialogues, which conveyed the genre of the concept. At first sight of the beginning of the movie, it may have seemed that this will be a ridiculous film as Kanji Bhai goes to fight a court case against god. But due to the dialogues, it really did impress which is why the film had become an interesting and anticipated movie to continue to watch. With the ‘Act of God’ law from insurance company in the film, Paresh Rawal turns the insurance company upside down with his case and that was the build up and core of the existing of knowing whether god exists or not. With the name of god, anything can happen and people would do whatever it takes to get that, search god in temples, search god in places, search god in every direction they can and yet they’ll get no proof of the existence. But god exists with us, always within us, always around us and always here to support us.


Overall, OMG – Oh My God is packed with humour and certainly a must watch whether you want to see it through the comedy perspective or whether you want to see it from the message being conveyed. It is a worthy watch either way and won’t disappoint. A film that shows how people jump on the bandwagon when it comes to religion, priests find the money making ways from it, whilst people spend away in hope to find god from stones and even from things that a random stranger may say god exists from.

Watch OMG for a compilation of laughing moments, which really do drag the audience in to the atmosphere in which Kanji Bhai (Paresh Rawal) is creating in the film.


OMG – Oh My God film rating is 4/5