Nuksha showcases Next Generation Design Talent in Asian Fashion

The online home for stylistas and trendsetters, Asian fashion label Nuksha features
the work of next generation design talent located worldwide, who have collaborated
their prowess and vision to provide style-conscious consumers with on trend Asian
fashion designs and collections.

Nuksha showcases the work of an international team of designers currently based in
London, New York, India, Pakistan and Dubai, with new talent currently being vetted
across Canada, Jordan and China. The rationale behind an international group of
designers is to unite the Asian fashion community across the globe as one, where
Asian fashion is currently fragmented and isolated within each country. The
designers stand out because of their innovative talent and willing to experiment,
extending the current parameters of Asian fashion.
Each design featured on the website has been scrutinised and approved by
Nukshaʼs international Board of Designers before it is presented to the consumer.
The style and innovation factors instilled in the Nuksha label are reflected by the

Designs are categorised into Sarees and Semi Formal Wear across bi-annual collections. A Bespoke service is also available whereby clients can liaise with their choice of designer in London, New York, Dubai, Pakistan or India to create the perfect, one-off piece. The website is easy to use and clients can buy an outfit in four, simple clicks, with free shipping.

Nuksha is the unlikely brainchild of 24-year-old legal professional, Saeed Awan. He
comments, “There is a huge gap in the market at the moment, where Asian clothing
is just being mass produced without much thought going into the design element of
the outfits. It seems as though most designs are either being designed in India or
Pakistan without the thought of whether the western public will like this. The huge
shock was when I realised that the Asian fashion industry here in the UK is actually
three years behind that of Pakistan and India.
I created Nuksha as an international fashion hub. Meaning that no part of the world
will ever be out of tune with where Asian fashion is at. So the UK and USA should
never be behind Asian fashion in Pakistan, India or Dubai as they are the leaders. I
did this by creating an experienced team of global talent and decided to endorse it
under one umbrella. This way, people will know that Nuksha is showcasing the latest
designs in the Asian fashion industry.”
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