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The girls have evolved into a tight-knit unit, something that comes across in their performances. The group is made up of Ayshen, Caroline, Gia and Annelle; with each girl bringing influences from different cultures, the group combines flavours from around the world, namely Turkey, Greece, India and South America and is reflected in their exotic looks.


 It's not only in appearance that the girls stand out from the crowd: N-Trigue are the antithesis to all the bubblegum girl groups out there, whilst still managing to have commercial appeal.
Their brand of music combines urban beats with powerful, soulful choruses to create a fresh, energetic sound that appeals to both men and women alike. With their feisty attitudes and dynamic live shows they have made an impact on the London club scene, performing at many of the capital's top venues such as The Brixton Academy (supporting Tyrese), Cirque and Sound.
"The whole idea with N-Trigue was to bring a new flavour to the music scene, a new vibe that no other girl group out there has", says one of the four members, Annelle. "Hopefully the audience identifies with the music; understands where we're coming from with the lyrics. Our songs are not only about real feelings and real experiences but also reflect our playful sides.." surely a reference to the honest and unapologetic lyrics in some of their songs.
Following in a long tradition of female singers, the girls are strong and not afraid to speak their minds but also show their softer, more playful sides in songs such as 'Take a Chance'. Armed with a great wealth of talent, feisty attitudes and self-penned anthems, N-Trigue are ready to stamp their mark on the music industry