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Nosheen Live at the 2008 City Showcase


She began Modeling and Acting for various Asian Exhibition Catwalks, Magazines, Pop Videos etc., but her place in music today happened all by accident in March 2002 when she mistook an audition for a band in Stage magazine for a Theatre job.
After a rigorous audition process Nosheen became one 7th of what back then was DeVoteD. A mixed race, mix sex pop band that was put together by Al Malik, of Iconoclast Records who himself was pursuing his dream to create the first cross-over British Asian band.
Being the least experienced Singer in the band, Nosheen often found herself struggling with her self confidence as all other members of the band had been singing since they were young but this was the driving force that would drove her to stand tall as the Solo artist she is today.
The band reshaped and regrouped over the years from a 7 piece to a 5 piece, to a 3 piece girl band. The band worked with some of the most renowned british producers/Songwriters and had much exposure on BBC2's Network East late night, BBC Radio, Evening Standard newspaper and were supporting acts on two of the popular UK boyband 'Blue's summer 2004 tour. These experiences have provided her with the key skills needed to grow as an artist and the hunger for Performance and success.
Nosheen has worked really hard to be where she is today regardless of struggles from her personal and professional life and 6 years on she is now a strong solo act ready to take on the Pop acts of the world!
Development is key in this industry and Nosheen believes everyday is development for her. She has developed into a stonger Singer with her own unique sound. Her flair for poetry has helped create the Songwriter in her and she's always been quite the Performer.
She has spent the last year and a half, working with Producers in Los Angeles and has recently been to Sweden where she recorded brand new material that she likes to call Pop/Rock/Ghettpo/Tech, with a great Production team and is getting ready to showcase this new music to the world.
She calls herself the 'Rebel with a Cause' and no one can deny the fire in her eyes.
Nosheen….meet WORLD…
World… NOSHEEN ~