Non-Asian Doctor in love with an Indian!

Big Rannie

Ah Derek, it is understandable that you should be attracted to an Asian woman, they are the sweetest, most cutest and attractive women in the world. Lets look at the facts, you have a good job, have money, you love Sushila but you are not Indian. Asian people are not racist they just have their own tiny little  requirements, such as being Indian from Gujrat with a surname of Patel, height of 5Ft 8 inches and light skinned with non-afro hair. In simple terms, they don’t accept anyone marrying from a different caste so how do you expect them to accept you? Sushila sounds like a vegetarian and so her family would not be very happy about you cooking up Beef Wellington or Curried goat. Give up, leave and let her mum and dad find a boy for her from the local community.


Little Rannie

Dear Derek,

People in the Asian community are fickle. They want someone that fits into the family easily and they don’t like change. The secret relationship can’t go on forever – there will be a time when you ask her to make a commitment to you and this is when she should tell her parents. If you are serious about her, then propose and get the ring on her finger. Then ask her to tell her parents about you. The way I look at it is, we’re in a multi cultural society – if her parents didn’t want her to mix with other cultures, then they should have stayed in India. Follow your hearts and do what you feel is right for both your futures and ‘Two finger salute everyone’ else.