No Mainstream Distribution for Fastest Selling Brit Asian Bhangra Artist, Is it Racism or Money?

No Mainstream Distribution for Fastest Selling Brit Asian Bhangra Artist, is it Racism or Money?

UK born Punjabi artist H Dhami has released his first album titled “Sadke Java” via Rishi Rich Productions, the album has flown out of Asian stores and has rapidly become this years biggest seller. The Brit Asian performer who has delivered thirteen tracks on his debut album which features Roach Killer, Chaaya and the UK’s no 1 Bangladeshi urban artist, Mumzy who is regarded as one of Britain’s top Asian rappers.
Har Gabroo the latest track has taken several months to record and has been produced by Rishi Rich who has also remixed and produced tracks for Craig David, Mary J Blige, Britney Spears and of course his own hit, “Dance With You” which featured Jay Sean on vocals. The single took Rishi all the way to the No 12 position in the UK charts.

H’s career has taken a fast escalator ride ever since 2006 when he first started working with Rishi!

Dhami’s popularity has now gone beyond our British shores and he’s now performing concerts all over the world including Canada, USA and even in Africa. The track Sadke Java has been played across clubs in the UK and the video smashed across Asian TV in the UK and Europe!

A Londoner by heart and Punjabi by nature, the new prince of the Brit Asian music scene is regularly seen performing at gigs across the UK to the screams and delights of thousands of fans and is now currently on a full UK promotion tour while still performing at many venues across the country.

Unlike other albums, Sadke Java will be made available to all corners of the UK market and will be distributed via downloads and Asian outlets. This album will give everyone an opportunity to easily access a truly Punjabi album and give the Brit Asian music virgins a chance to experience and taste the hottest growing UK Bhangra street culture through their ears!  


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