National Indian Students Union UK partners with Paint Our World


National Indian Students Union UK partners with Paint Our World

We are extremely delighted to announce that the National Indian Students Union UK has once again partnered with Paint Our World – a humanitarian project dedicated to making a positive difference to the lives of underserved children.

Paint Our World works to emotionally empower children who have been through trauma – this includes child sexual abuse and becoming orphaned. Their aim is to give them a chance at a real and fruitful childhood through therapeutic forms such as art and other child-friendly, fun and encouraging activities and educational processes. The hope is to equip them with the tools for rehabilitation and to grow and develop into grounded and stable adults living a fruitful life.


Paint Our World

The National Indian Students Union UK (NISU) is an organization working to support Indian students in the UK, building their potential and developing them as the future leaders for both India and the UK, steering forward the Indo-British relationship. As per NISU UK’s President, Sanam Arora, “The partnership with Paint Our World is another step forward in the #CallForChange initiative, which serves to unite youth of Indian origin against socio-political injustice and wrongdoings in India.” Arora went on to comment that Paint our World was “an initiative particularly close to our hearts as it gives our members the opportunity to make a huge difference at the grassroots.”

Rhea Ranjan, Vice President, NISU & Project Manager, #CallForChange said: “At NISU we also work with and help students who have been the victims of abuse and help them achieve justice. Hence a project like this is something that goes to the very core our belief system of supporting and bringing equal opportunities to young people of Indian origin. Child abuse in India is a very serious problem and something that has gone on for decades with not nearly enough attention from the authorities or communities.”

There will an exhibition of the children’s artwork running form Monday 14th July until Friday 18th July 2014 with an inauguration ceremony held on the Monday 14th.

Speaking about the event, Founder and Director of Paint Our World, Dr. Priya Virmani said: “EmPOWer: A Life Changing Exhibition in London is POW’s way of both celebrating the artwork of the incredible children which they work with in India and of marking our landmark first birthday. It is important for us to understand that love, care and trust are not something we are born with but learnt when extended to us. Emotional EmPOWerment is a fundamental part of education. POW’s work is fundamentally educational and our methodology of incorporating psychologically verified activity therapy is trailblazing. ”

NISU UK has said it is proud to be celebrating the children’s artwork with the public and to be working with such a beautiful and special project and looks forward to seeing people taking part in such a beautiful initiative.