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My Addiction - Lady RU

My Addiction – Lady RU / x1x

My Addiction - Lady RU 
American born artist Lady Ru releases her first album titled “My 
Addiction” on April 23rd on Sunset Music Group. The American 
Gujarati R&B performer has delivered 15 tracks on her forthcoming 
debut album.
“My Addiction” features duets with Bhangra legends such as Mangal 
Singh, Channi Singh and the return of one of the most amazing Hindi 
voices from the 90’s, Amar, the first ever British Asian artist to 
have a Hindi Top 75 hit in the UK. The album also features Taz from 
Stereo Nation, Apache Indian and production from Tigerstyle, Swami, 
and Charlie Hype.
The debut album has taken over a year to record and has been produced 
primarily by US Urban hit maker, Jim Beanz (Nelly Furtado, Will 
Smith, Mutya/Sugarbabes, Puff Daddy, Britney Spears, etc.) who is 
part of Timbaland Productions (
Lady Ru’s  first single from the new album will be “Chances Are” 
which features the guest vocals of Alaap legend Channi Singh who also 
appears In the video, which can be downloaded from April 23rd    on 
most of the main mobile phone networks.
An American by heart and Gujarati by nature, Lady Ru lives in 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. A keen sports women, running 5 miles 
everyday, playing tennis and spending at least an hour in the gym 
daily.  Live work is her vice and Ru insists on performing as much as 
she can in between recording in the studio or writing her new material.
x1x film had to deliver a video both strong in visual style and 
engage us with good story-telling. “It was an amazing experience 
working with an international label who believed in our vision for 
the video ‘Chances Are’” says Indi Hans, Creative Director at 
x1x film.
“The two day shoot went very smoothly, which came down to 
our pre-production meetings and tight scheduling”. says Narinder 
Hans, Producer. “Lady Ru was a true professional to work with and 
directing her scenes were a real joy, which you can see in the final 
video from the way she performed infront of the camera” says Mac 
Hans, Director. x1x film also had the pleasure of directing The 
Legend of Bhangra himself Channi Singh who featured in the song too. 
“We were abit nervous to be in the presence of Channi Singh as we 
had all grown up dancing to his music and know be in a position to 
direct him was a dream come true”.
Full Video out now on all Asian Television Networks.
Further info on Lady Ru, check out and
“My Addiction” will be released on April 23rd 2007
Album available via main Asian /mainstream stores.
Distributed Online across all main outlets
Lady Ru signed to US based Label, Sunset Music Group