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Hans Mann

Much Jatt Di, Hans Mann

Much Jatt Di, Hans Mann
Hans Mann -Much Jatt Di,

Hans Mann, is a young, dynamic, up and coming musician and director from Toronto, Canada. Over the past few years, he has been working hard, polishing his musical skills, composing varied styles of music ranging from traditional punjabi folk to indian classical to western sounds. Recent projects include, composing, performing and recording the sound track for the play "Loyal-T", which won many awards at the Sears Festival 2006. In addition, he has been freelancing as a musician for various artists, in Toronto and India. The debut album entitled "Muchh Jatt Di" consists of various singers from Punjab, India, such as: Karamjit Anmol (Kuldip Manak's nephew), Miss Pooja, Meet Malkit, Parvez Khan Bhagti (Durga Rangila's younger brother), Bill Singh and many more. Recordings were done in Punjab, India, and Toronto, Canada. The album ‘Much Jatt Di’ will be releasing early October 2007.

Track listing:
1) Much Jatt Di Meet Malkit {mp3remote}{/mp3remote}
2) Kaliyan Karamjit Anmol {mp3remote}{/mp3remote}
3) Khandmishri Manjeet {mp3remote}{/mp3remote}
4) Zeher Guri
5) Gabru Parvez Khan (Bhagti) {mp3remote}{/mp3remote}6) Putt Sardaran Da Sarbjit Lovely {mp3remote}{/mp3remote}
7) Sapp Hovan Miss Pooja & Bill Singh {mp3remote}{/mp3remote}
8) Tere Tile Ton (Re-Make) Karamjit Anmol
9) Putt Jatt Da Sarbjit Lovely