Who is Mr. Rap Singer?


www.kraytwinz.com is about to hit you with the exclusive mini series 'Who is Mr. Rap Singer' featuring one of the hottest producing duos in the game, the Kray Twinz.  If you don’t know the Kray Twinz – brothers Jat and Jaz, well then it’s time to get familiar because they’ve worked with some massive names in the industry, like Twista, Dmx and even Sting.
Accolades aside, the Mr. Rap Singer video series gives you an all access pass into the recording studio
as they record their mix tape which is set to launch their new artist making everyone wonder,
just who is Mr. Rap Singer? 
Jat tells us, “You can expect a bunch of celebrity appearances, and it may be based in the studio but you’ll get to see loads of footage of everything we’ve been doing.”  The hype they’ve been gaining from the series is massive and to think this all came about from just launching a few episodes on our facebook group.
You can expect some to see some of the big names in the industry like, Sting and Ray J as they also document production on the way to the Kray Twinz own album release 'Indian Summer.
Plus the Kray Twinz are giving YOU the chance to be on their new mix tape!!  'The Mr. Rap Singer Spit Your Best' contest will have you the fans send in 60 second clips of yourselves singing or rapping and the chosen winner will get to feature on the Kray Twinz upcoming mix tape, win top of the line Steinberg recording software and a Marc Ecko watch! 
We’ll bring you all the details on that very soon.  For now get ready for the mystery to be revealed as the “Who is Mr. Rap Singer” series will be hitting you exclusively on WWW.KRAYTWINZ.COM! on Monday February 25th 2008! 
And remember this is just the beginning It’s like the Kray Twinz said, “It’s not about where we’ve been, it’s about where we’re going.”   Click on the trailer and get ready for the ride.