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Morni By Jay Johal Ft. Bakshi Billa

Jay Johal – a name that isn’t currently known by the masses refers to the West Midlands born & bred music director who is set to make his mark on the Panjabi music industry with his forthcoming debut single release.

Born and bred in what is referred to as the home of British Bhangra – Birmingham; Jay fell in love with music from a young age. This passion blew into a full blown love affair as he progressed into a renowned DJ playing out to packed out venues all over the UK. Now at this juncture, it may sound like the typical biography of any ‘DJ turned music producer’ (read – DJ who had paid a real producer to make music) but this is where Jay is different; he actually MAKES his own music and has an excellent ability on the Harmonium. This enables him to seamlessly compose vocal compositions and musical melodies that are featured on his music. Jay is an avid Bhangra/Panjabi Folk fan and cites the greats such as Charanjit Ahuja, Atul Sharma, Kuljit Bhamra and Deepak Khazanchi as his biggest influences in his music.

Jay Johal is a name that is not currently well known in the public however behind the scenes, he has forged strong relationships with a number of prominent and professional artists. Working away silently in the background, Jay Johal is set to release a barrage of music imminent with professional, proficient, soulful & ‘Sureeleh’ singers such as Lehmber Hussainpuri, Kamal Khan, Feroz Khan, Masha Ali, Gurlej Akhter, Rani Randeep amongst many others yet to be unveiled.

The first of many new single releases from Jay Johal features the powerful Panjabi powerhouse vocalist ‘Bakshi Billa’ lending his crisp, clean, raw yet refined vocal to a fusion of incredible sounds cooked up by Jay. Take note as Jay is here to stay.


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