Mitti (2010 Punjabi Fiilm)

Mitti (2010 Punjabi Fiilm)

Their main aim is to make the farmers of the state slaves. They know that land price is going to rise near future therefore they are grabbing the land in state at very low price and making the farmers of the state laborers in their own land. In whole world its history that farmers of Russia have formed the group by name GREEN, who keeps on fighting with red army of Lenin and czar’s white army in order to save their land from them because they dint wanted to become laborers in their own land.

In the name of industrialization and Special Economic Zone [S.E.Z] policies the Punjab farmers land are given to multinational companies as gifts and by doing this the precious cultivation land is getting destroyed in Punjab at an alarming rate. This not industrialization of the state but buying precious land at cheap prices and then selling at high prices in order to make colonies, Punjab has old history in this matter and there are many examples to prove it but there are some people who understand these tactics and fights against these wrong policies.


 Our story’s character Jeet Brar who is a farmer and a local kisaan leader represent the motivated and charged group of people, But on the other hand there is Young blood of Punjab who is unaware about the danger their state is facing and these young people do not have any mission in their life, most of them want to become singer or want to go to foreign, and some are behind to find the way how to make fast money and some of them are slaves to the corrupt politicians of the state. such type of young group of people represents our four  characters of the film namely RABBI SIDHU, GAAZI DHILLON, LALLI BRAR and TUNDA . All these four youngsters work for the corrupt politician SARDAR HARMAIL SINGH.

They are prone to alcohol and are walking on the way of crime. They are not all concerned about their future and about themselves, among them Laali Brar is the brother of Jeet Brar but Laali is not at all ready to listen to his brother. Beside This there is a character of a girl Called Neeru  daughter of Sharma NRI who has also studied with these guys in university, and  Gaazi loves Neeru But Neeru  Loves Rabbi and this Love Triangle of these three creates problem within the friendship of Rabbi and Gaazi, and among all the father of Neeru does not agree her daughter to talk to these criminals, from here a different angle comes to the life of these characters, and the fourth character Tunda is from very poor family but his friends never let him realize that he is from poor family, Tunda’s  father always scold him that he will get nothing being with these rich people, he have to work one day but he never listen to his father.

Mitti (2010 Punjabi Fiilm)

Among all this scenario there is a character of journalist called Sarabjit who just want to show the truth to the people of state and wants to expose the corrupt leader Sardar Harmail Singh , he also manages to make the MMS of Sardar, but with the help of these four guys Sardar manages to take back the cd & Dv from journalist sarabjit  while doing so all the four friends kills journalist accidently.

The death of journalist makes them feel very guilty about their action and it effects them mentally because they are not professional killers and they have humanity in them after this incident their life changes completely, rabbi flies off to Bombay to go further to Canada, Gaazi is trying to become a singer, Laali goes back to his village and becomes farmer and Tunda becomes security guard.

Everything was going very smooth till one day one big multinational company comes to Jeet Brar’s village to set up a liquor factory on village land, with the nexus of multinational company and the politician Sardar Harmail Singh who has now become the minister and along with the police acquire the expensive core’s of village land for just few lakhs of rupee, while protesting against this injustice so many people get killed and this incident gives the four guys the way to revolution.

All the four then struggle their lives to bring revolution. And what happens to each and every character how they fight ,those who were earlier fighting for nothing now have the reason to fight, & what happens to the love story of Rabbi Gaazi  & Neeru, what happens to Tunda, Does Laali and his brother Jeet Brar saves their land from the hands of industrialist and Sardar Harmail Singh. This is what makes the story of Mitti.

 And for all this you have to come and see this new saga of Punjabi film industry which will change the face of Punjabi cinema. This movie is coming soon to hit your screen and your hearts.

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