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Middleman releases “Izhaar” on VIP Records

London-based music producer, Atik Rahman more popularly known by Middleman, releases his new track Izhaar Thursday 21 May 2015 on VIP Records.


Middleman is no stranger to the game his experience spans over a decade and a half within radio and media. In his time Middleman has helped launch and shape the careers of many household names in the industry. After completing remix and production work for Bollywood, the Mainstream and the BritAsian music scene Middleman is back.

21st May sees the second release from London based music producer Middleman (after De De Gerah back in 2013). ‘Izhaar’ is a stand out radio friendly ballad featuring the vocals of fellow Londoner and the very talented singer/songwriter Mehi. Four years in the making ‘Izhaar’ demonstrates the true skills of Middleman’s work both musically and sonically.

Having locked himself in the studio for the last couple years perfecting his sound, Middleman has also been working with some seriously talented singers and songwriters creating a library with the body of his work. 2015 will see the rise of Middleman and he promises to make his mark with his own releases as well as production work for new and established artists.

‘Izhaar’ holds a special place in my heart and working with Mehi has been a pleasure. He is an underrated talent and in my opinion currently one of the best vocalist in the UK. I’d like to say a big thank you to both Mehi and VIP records for their patients. I hope the public appreciate and enjoy ‘Izhaar’ as much as I have putting it together’ – Middleman.

With Middleman being a perfectionist the wait has been long but this is as good as it gets.

Punjab2000 speak to him about Izhaar, the video and upcoming projects…

1) What does Izhaar mean? 

To revel, disclose or display.

2) What inspired you to create this track?
I had been making a lot of EDM records and wanted to breakaway from that habbit. I spent days listen to my back catalouge of old skool jams, I wanted to bring back some of those organic sounds that where catching dust at the bottom of my hard drive. I believe in making music that touches emotions and I hope this comes across in Izhaar.
3) How was working with the artist featured on the track? 
Mehi is a pleasure to work with. He is extreamly talanted, quick and creative and boy, can he sing! We have been working on a lot of material so expect to hear more from us.
4) If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would it be and why?
I’m gonna be cheeky and pick 2. Shreya’s angelic overtones and Arijit’s raw grit. Plus they both have exceptional tone, texture and emotion and are able to deliver like nobody else.
5) You also had a great team working with you on the video shoot. Tell us more about that.
The flying solo boys and I have a bit of a history as we both previously had studios in the same building. We have always talked of a collaboration and Izhaar was the perfect opportunity. We all knew eachother as they have also previouly worked with Mehi and were instrumental in the colaboration, hence why I say this song hold a special place in my heart.
6) Can you explain the concept of the video? 

Mehi borrows my car to take his girl on a romantic weekend away where he has something special planned for her.

7) What’s next in store for Middleman and what can we be looking to see in the future?

I’m currently working on projects for some new and established artists… That’s all I’m allowed to say at the mo.

8) Where can we hear the track?
 It will be on YouTube and across all other media platforms as of 12pm tonight!

Middleman CD Cover

Quick Fire Questions

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

Dress Shoes or Trainers? Trainers

Tea or Coffee? Coffee

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Breakfast or Dinner? Breakfast and Dinner (I’m a foodie lol)

PC or MAC? Mac all the way

Sweet or Savoury? Sweet for my sweet tooth

Scone or ‘Scon’? Scone


Shower or Bath? Shower (every morning without fail)


Mum or Dad? No way, you want me to get in trouble *laughs*