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Loud N Proud

Mick St. Clair – the deejay legend returns

Mick St Clair is the godfather of all Asian deejays UK wide and a pioneer
of the personalised 'box lights', and big sound systems, which rivalled the
reggae sound systems of the time.
Mick was also a pioneer in the late eighties when he took his deejay experience to the studio and set up his
own recording studio and record label, Saint Recording Studio and Saint
Mick stated producing albums for OSA in the late 80's and he was
first to remix an album featuring Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
But through his label he gave birth to the energetic band Sat Rang and the powerful vocals
of Dippa. His studio on the borders of Handsworth and Smethwick gave space
for bands like Safri, DCS, Malkit, Havana and Nachda Sansaar and Nachdey
Hasdey to perfect their live performances in dedicated rehersal rooms. (Don't ask about the lift )

"Mick's studio and label was always thriving with activity. He gave time
and space to a lot of 2nd generation Bhangra bands to create and make music
which was innovative.

The debut release 'bhangramuffin by Satrang' and one
of his last releases of the female vocals of Bhupinder over dance beats
showed the genres crossed and the innovation in Mick's experience !" boy
chana ( soho road to the punjab )

LOUD AND PROUD is the brand new album which has been produced by Mick St
Clair and features vocals from some of the biggest names in UK Bhangra
music and some classic vocals. :

Lembher, Sabar Koti, HS Talwar and Manjit Rupowal with UK debuts for Rai Kalsi, Raju Mahi, Kulwinder Laddu, Rampal Ralh and Ruby.
 Music for the tracks has been provided by the new skool of
producers Jeeti, Late Night Project and new outfit Fingertips with Mick St
Clair providing his talent to top off the production of each track

2006 and the start of 2007 will be the spring board for Saint Records to
re-enter the record label industry which has been saturated by business
men. Mick will bring his musical knowledge and years as a deejay to release
music tried and tested for all generations.