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Meet 2 Fiery Women – one is a Activist & the other is a MP

The Farmers Protest has brought to light 2 very passionate & interesting women who are setting the social media alight with their fiery speeches!

1) Meet Dr Ritu Singh
Dr Ritus whose twitter @DrRituSingh_ says “Activist, Scholar,Thinker,Psychologist,Fitness Freak~ Sardarni Jai Jawan,Jai Kisan,Jai Samvidhan ‘Proud Indian’ Miss Singh says~ Raise ur voice n words.”

Dr Ritu Singh
  1. Dr Ritu caught our attention back December 2020 while scrolling through social media feeds and this video by Times Express popped up where this young woman was being interviewed stood all on her own. Then in a few minutes a crowd gathered around her as she spoke fiercely about the Farmers protest and what she saw as being the main issues. See our Instagram which has notched up nearly 820K views uncommon for political interviews stretching 14mins!
Dr Ritu Singh

2) MP Mahua Moitra Member of Parliament from Krishnanagar Lok Sabha Constituency, West Bengal.

MP Mahua Moitra Member of Parliament

@MahuaMoitra Twitter bio says “All India Trinamool Congress, Lok Sabha Member of Parliament, Krishnanagar, West Bengal. This is my ONLY official account”

On Tuesday 9th Feb The Internet went wild with short clips of her 21 min speech being shared on all social media platforms.
There were chaos in Parliament after MP Mahua Moitra made remarks on former CJI’s sexual harassment case and then went on to talk about the Farmers Protest dishing out some hard hitting truths.
See facebook video below

MP Mahua Moitra’s did the same back in 2018 with her maiden hard hitting speech in the Lok Sabha that made her a national, international celebrity, with the video being circulated in the millions.

Mahua Moitra was vice-president of JP Morgan before returning to India in 2008 to join politics. She worked with Rahul Gandhi for a while, had a great rapport with him and was placed in charge of the Youth Congress in West Bengal, but eventually realised that the party was not really going anywhere and resigned. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee got her into the party in 2010.

MP Mahua Moitra Member of Parliament

What makes these two women so fiery ? find out in our follow-up article soon….