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Media Impresario, Teji Singh, nominated for Asian Women of Achievement Award

Teji Singh is a name synonymous with determination, fortitude and the ability to succeed, even in the face of adversity. As an Asian single mother and media professional, she has challenged stereotypes surrounding the ‘role’ of Asian women in the workplace, as well as the home environment.
Teji began her career in media when she was headhunted for the position of news anchor on the first Asian television channel in the UK, TV Asia. She embraced the opportunity and accompanying challenges, quickly rising in rank to one of TV Asia’s head news anchors.
She stayed with the channel for four years, as a fundamental contributor to TV Asia’s growth from a modest channel into a global media brand that would shape and influence the Asian community for years to come – Zee TV.  
Ready to master the next professional challenge, the proposition of a PR project by a business associate initiated the idea for Sterling Media.
13 years on, Teji has single-handedly built up Sterling Media into a globally recognised name, with its expanding portfolio of public, private and corporate clients.
Developing from its specialist field of PR, Teji has created a full service, international, total communications agency that further offers marketing, advertising and events management. In addition to this, the company has three specialist divisions: Film & Entertainment Marketing, Multi-Cultural & International Communications and Creative & Online.  
Teji Singh has made it her personal interest to raise the share of voice and mind for diverse communities within the media, promoting events that were once perceived as niche to a wider mainstream and international audience. In her mission to celebrate and promote diversity, Teji has used Sterling Media as a vehicle to change the media perception of Ethnic communities and events.
The company is also recognised as the first communication agency to take Indian cinema to the global mainstream.  
Recently, Teji Singh was presented with the Special Award for Services to Media & Promoting Culture in Britain by Tony McNulty, Minister for Security and Counter-Terrorism, at a function organised by the British Sikh Association. Dr. Rami Ranger, Head of the British Sikh Association, described Teji Singh as ‘a woman of great substance’ who broke through the ‘Asian mould’. He also lauded her contribution to the promotion of Asian culture in Britain. 
In January 2008, Teji Singh was invited to form part of a delegation of key community leaders, dignitaries and high profile guests to accompany Liam Byrne MP, Minister of State for Borders and Immigration, on his trip to India.

The role of the delegation was to objectively put forward their assessments of the changes on UK immigration and visa policy and the implications these will have for the communities involved.  The Asian Women of Achievement Awards have achieved a huge amount in raising public awareness of the achievements of Asian women in the United Kingdom and their diversity.

 The prestigious awards recognise all levels of achievement made by Asian women in the UK – whether professional or personal – within the commercial, professional, artistic and humanitarian sectors. In commenting about her nomination, Teji Singh comments, “I am truly honoured and humbled to be recognised for my efforts in this way. It has been a challenging journey, on both a personal and professional level, to get to where I am today. There have been constant hurdles to overcome, barriers to break through, and boundaries to push forward.  “Through my own work, I want to demonstrate that you can achieve anything, if you really put your heart and soul into it.

One should not worry about pleasing others, so long as you have faith, courage and integrity in your heart.   “As a single, Asian woman, trying to get ahead in a male-dominated professional environment, I have challenged the stereotypes, and want to be testament that anything can be achieved in this life. The only person that can stop you is yourself.”