MANTOSTAAN premieres at the Cannes Festival – Movie Review

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Mantostaan is the realism to survival. Several stories embedded in together depict how society is forced into hiding and keeping their family alive amongst the bloodshed between India and Pakistan during the partition. Expect some thought-provoking scenarios, hard-hitting conclusions and stories that needed to be shared. Mantostaan will keep you glued to the screen.

Rahat Kazmi has compiled four stories, ‘Thanda Gosht, Khol Do, Aakhri Salute and Assignment’ into Mantostaan movie, trying to depict the narrative visually. This hard-hitting dark film has portrayed perspectives of many living in different status in society. The film does well in captivating the emotion and struggle one face in allowing the movie to be striking in luring the audience’s attention.

The film does evidently lack a creative approach in scripting different stories and interlinking them, it almost feels as a big jump from one character to another. At times the acting is seen lackluster and not believable but these minor negatives do not derail the strong subject matter that Rahat has presented.

But what can be praised is the use of camera creativity through the lens. Some camera shots captured, in particularly the point of view shots manage to add more to the emotions to the film creating more of an attachment as a spectator. The story concept sparks enough in telling the tale of how one felt during and after the partition of India in 1947.

Mantostaan is doing the rounds at film festivals and hoping to attract a wider audience, as this may not be your typical kind of film. This historically and experimentally conducted film is one to praise and cherish for such efforts in delivering something that tells and teaches. Actors Raghubir Yadav, Sonal Sehgal, Shoib Nikash Shah, Tariq Khan, Virendra Saxena, Raina Bassnet and Rahat Kazmi star in the film in lead roles. The film is produced by Rahat Kazmi, Tariq Khan and Aaditya Pratap Singh and co-produced by Zeba Sajid. Associate producer Javid Banday. Creative Producer: Bhanu Pratap Singh.

We rate Mantostaan 3/5