Mandeep Lally

Lally has always worked hard to put his efforts where his heart is. He is always eager to point out anything that gets his attention, While keeping his passion for singing alive. 
He completed his MBA degree from University of Wolverhampton (UK), reflecting his enthusiasm to work hard and take out the best in him. His tough self belief carried him through the days when completing his MBA and working to earn his expenses, he managed to dedicate time to learn music from Prof. Amar Singh and recording his first album with Aman Hayer whom he look upon as his elder brother. Lally remembers those days as the vital test of his passion and is proud with the results he is able to achieve through this route.

Lally believes a lot in God and is very thankful to almighty Waheguru for his guidance and Blessings. He has just started the journey of music with his debut album, which has been released all over world. He is working hard to develop a unique style of his own but not by forgetting his roots to entertain music lovers all around the world and to contribute to rich tradition of Punjabi Music.