MANAK-E's new album AAJA!

MANAK-E’s new album AAJA!

Having signed an exclusive 5 album deal AAJA is set to see a new chapter in the career of Manak-E and being along with known as of the UK’s best, the new album is set to firmly establish Manak-E as an international Punjabi vocalist.


MANAK-E's new album AAJA!

With production from Jeeti, RDB, Sangra Vibes & Frantic Kam, Manak-E retains his distinctive high tone vocal with the UK sound. And to make that impression further, Manak-E will be taking his vocals on a LIVE showcase around the world alongside the launch of the new Serious Records live band, SERIOUS 7 highlighting that he is a live vocalist alongside the best in the industry today.


 Promos here soon….

Aaja - Manak - E