Malkit Singh

Malkit, which translates to 'One Who Rules the World'. Today the
world congratulates Malkit Singh for achieving an award honouring  
 his recognition and contribution to Punjabi music worldwide. The  
 award was presented by Captain Amrinder Singh, the Chief Minister of

 Malkit Singh has been instrumental in infusing Punjabi music with  
 various types of music such as rap, house, dance and traditional  
 folk music. With this Malkit has received numerous awards and  
 accolades for his musical talents. In 1981, he won his third Punjabi  
 collegiate competition award and was marked with a 'golden star'  
 pendant, which went on to found his world-renowned 'Golden Star'  
 band. Malkit Singh Golden Star went on to explode the world and win  
 audiences across the globe.  He has created numerous hits in the  
 Bhangra music genre which include 'Tootak Tootiyan,' 'Gurh Nalon  
 Ishq Mitha,' and 'Boliyan.' He now has an amazing 21 albums to his  

 His contributions to the Bhangra music and the Indian community have  
 been greatly noted. Malkit has been recognized in the Millennium  
 Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as the 'Best Selling  
 Bhangra Artist in the World,' received a platinum disc for his album  
 'Up Front,' been awarded Best Punjabi Male Singer and Most  
 Outstanding Track of the Bhangra Era for the track 'Tootak  
Toothiyan,' along with many other awards for his outstanding musical  

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