Livin’ It Up - Notorious Jatt

Livin’ It Up – Notorious Jatt Album Review

Seeing as though this is Notorious Jatt’s fifth album he can be considered as something of a veteran despite being in only his mid 20s. One thing that can not be taken away from the man is that he has his own archetypal style and hasn’t changed that for anyone. His uncompromising production has seen his previous album’s attracting attention in club land. His last album featured the club smash hit ‘Pegg’ as well as the fine ‘Hoi Hoi’ tune. Now the man is back and after ’All Due Respect’ he has set himself a benchmark that ’Livin It Up’ has to match up to.

Preet Mahadipuria is back alongside Notorious to open the album up with ‘Aish’. After the success of ‘Pegg’ many people will be looking forward to this. In my opinion not only does this track match the previous effort but it excels it. For the people that thought ‘Pegg’ was a fluke, listen to ‘Aish’. Yes, it has the same foundations as we saw in ‘Pegg’ but the sheer explosiveness of this track will see it tearing up clubs up and down the country. Fact. ‘Marrey Dil Vaalian De’ sees a more traditional flavour. It features the Mighty Kuldip Manak’s nephews Pargat Khan and Jagdev Khan. This one breathes the sounds of the Panjab. It’s almost a throwback to folk music.

‘Callage’ illustrates clearly the singing talents of ’Hardev Mahinangal’. The production compliments both the singers voice and what he is singing about. The melody is really ear catching and the modern production includes a divine flute that gives the track a lustrous sound. Next up ‘Gabhru Na Pyar Hogeya has to go down as my favourite track off the album. Amrita Deepak has that typical high pitched voice female Panjabi Vocalists seem to need in India. It’s a lively, entertaining track that more than a few will enjoy for its strong Hip Hop beat that accompanies the more Eastern sounds.

‘Punjab Nu Sambhal’ sees Dalvinder Dialpuri take over the mic. A typically strong Panjabi song with candid production. Pargat Khan and Amrita Deepak team up on the vocals to give us another folk tune in ‘Folk Love’. A decent tune that offers something the elder generation might enjoy more. Jaswant Jassi presents the lovely ‘Mussafir’. Preet Mahadipuria performs ‘Haan Kardey’. An easy listening tune. ‘Babbar Shere’ by Jeet Shaan and D.Arry is an inspiring number, again it is very traditional which catches your attention straight away.

‘Livin’ It Up’ is an album that carries on where ‘All Due Respect’ left off. Notorious Jatt has a certain style which he lives and dies by. This album may surprise a few people the same way ‘All Due Respect’ surprised many. Notorious Jatt has come a long way since his first release. I’m sure he, himself, would agree he is improving with each release whilst still knocking out club hits. There is definitely more to come from him in times ahead. In the meantime ‘Livin’ it up’ has to go down as his best release to date.

Look out for ‘Aish’. It’s has club hit written all over it.

Review By Kam Gill. ([email protected])

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