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Kray Twinz featuring $tush – ‘Some Boy’

Following the huge success of their R&B single ‘Hustle’ released earlier this year, the Kray Twinz have joined forces with the UK’s finest dancehall MC, Lady $tush for an aural experience like you’ve never heard before. 

The new track ‘Some Boy’, taken from the Kray Twinz’ forthcoming album, sees Island Records recording artist Stush lock her lyrical flow and toasting over a hypnotic snake charming Indian-meets-dancehall vibe. Lady Stush, known for her features on club hits with Groove Armada and Sticky, delivers over a hypnotic beat with ease and a lyrical dexterity, which is second to none.



 We met Stush in 2005 through Sticky and planned to put a record together. Due to us being in the states a lot working on a variety of projects its taken 5 years for us to make it happen. But we finally got together and came up with this banger which is a must play record for every dj’s record box ” Kray Twinz ‘Some Boy’ is sure to jump to the top of DJ’s piles and set dance floors alight across the country.
The single heralds yet another show of experimental and club banging hits that are being unleashed from the Kray Twinz studio this year, with exciting new material to follow from these innovative hit makers.  
With production duties secured on the forthcoming Twista album, and ‘Hustle’ receiving major support from key DJ’s in the UK such as Ras Kwame, Ronnie Herell, Steve Sutherland, Twin B and more as well as the record being licensed for a US release in 2011 through Universal, the Kray Twinz are well and truly back with a bang!