Kiran Rai becomes first asian for american brand and sponsor’s Nottingham boxer Sam Varley

Kiran Rai lets go
Taking the entire United kingdom under ones hand is highly impossible, super model and award winning actor Kiran Rai seems to never stop working under such a small scale. He has successfully been labelled as the first asian for american brand ‘ Future Cut Cloths ‘ which is based in Chicago but has offices based in the UK Nottinghamshire. He was selected out of 2000 super models worldwide but never realised he would get the job as the company have never employed a asian since there launch in 1992. He has not only just winning awards but has successfully produced a Nottingham’s biggest radio station Kemet FM called ‘ advice show with Kiran Rai and Driver ‘ which brings on celebrities all over the UK.

Kiran Rai

He has become a success through hard work and driven and as he launched a magazine 4 months called ‘ Kings and Queens ‘ which has driven past more than 400,000 views world wide and having the launch in Dubai last december, he said ‘ I am so happy to be part of this industry and makes me feel so special, its amazing to know that i am doing well and continue ‘ The magazine has now started to sponsor Nottingham boxer Sam Varley in his next fight on March 13th. Sam Varley said ‘ I am so happy and honoured to have Kiran Rai standing next to me, its made me feel so good that i’ve got a icon representing me full time, this guy has travelled the world and done the most amazing projects, im so shocked he has scouted me ‘ Kiran Rai has become the hottest thing and will be for many years to come.