King G Mall -“KEEP FIT JI” Video Shoot Sat 16th May

Brummie Bhangra king, King G Mall launchs a keep fit drive with a message to all to keep healthy and to stay away from drugs 

The master teacher of the Dhol drum and Bhangra historian had a lightbulb moment one day on his way to his local gym. In fact it was on the treadmill that King G Mall started to create lyrics as he listened to house music being played over the gyms speaker system. Like a lot of songs; King G Mall recorded the song on his mobile and later uploaded a short video on social media of him at the gym singing the song. The response hehad was thoughtful and inspiring from his fans from all over the world.

“As soon as I uploaded the video on social media, I got messages from people all over the world saying I need to make a full song as the message was touching people’s hearts; one of my students said four people in their early thirties, he knows, have passed away due to alcoholism last year. That was a touching moment for me and I said I will do something I love to raise awareness”. King G Mall
In the UK people young and old are being affected by drugs and alcoholism. From the rich to the poor, people are turning to drugs and alcohol as a way out from the high pressure lives or stress of living on the bread line.
This song “Keep Fit Ji” features a star line up of International singers & Musicians from across the Midlands music scene and will hope to inspire people to try to make a difference to their lives and inspire the young to steer away from drink and drugs.


King G Mal video shoot The UK International artists – Singers, Musicians n Dancers (Indians, Pakistanis, English, West-Indians)

Made  history 3 weeks ago, Coming together singing, showing a sign of unity to make people aware about Health n Fitness

also awareness about Drugs on this track.


We attended the video shoot with the artists who took part in track and many more including the 104 year old   Fauja Singh  believed to be the worlds oldest  runner.



Nirmal Sidhu, Shin DCS, Sardara Gill, Premi Johal, Sazia Judge, Balbir Bhunjhy, Ram Lubhia Anari Sangeet, King G Mall,

Arjinder Kang, Jin n Seetal, Silinder & Boota Pardesi, Amrit Saab, Shinda Sureela, Roop Samrai, Sarbjit desi divas, Abrar XLNC,

Nikki AS,Tubsy, Indi DEA, Juggy MC, Aman dholi, Kully KSB,Kully Khair dj,Wil UKBB,Sati BBC Radio

PJ dholi. Pridencia writer, Inder l/o/p, Hactor community, Suki K, Angus & Kadeem 

The Video shoot took place in Handswoth ,starting on Soho Road and then Handsworth Park and later some scenes were shot at Foundary Gym in Walsall.The final video is due to be released in two weeks time around the 4th June 2015 and promises to be a hit with the catchy tune “KEEP FIT JI”  and sees for the first time so many artists coming together in a Bhangra track and video to promote healthy lifestyle and the  important  message to the community about keeping away from drugs

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