Kidd Skilly

Kidd Skilly- Bhangra Chic

It seems that the success we have seen from the desi rap scene on the other side of the Atlantic is set to continue with this little number, and highlights the variety between the North American desi scene and the current style coming from Britain. Where many have criticised the rapping talents of North America’s English counterparts, ‘Bhangra Chic’ shows us that desi MC’s do have the talent to succeed on a more mainstream sound.
The video also provides us with a refreshing change, and you know where the party is at as soon as you begin watching. Just like the track, the video provides a nice blend of the western hip hop lifestyle with that of the traditional eastern vibe. Kidd Skilly certainly impresses on a top quality tune. Expect his next release, ‘Ni Sohniye’ Ft Akon, to also drop in the near future.

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