KICK – Bollywood movie review

Salman Khan delivers yet another entertaining ‘KICK’ of a performance along with Jacqueline Fernandez and Randeep Hooda


One would think that Sajid Nadiadwala’s decision to release this film nearer the time of Eid would be the strategy ploy in making big money for another Salman Khan movie. But after viewing this new instalment in Salman Khan’s filmography collection, it truly was not as bad as the promo’s first portrayed. Lets be honest, the norms of Bollywood is not associated with superhero type of films, which is why a small minority of audiences would not seek this film to be a must watch. But after watching KICK, it sure was well worth the watch as the storyline and performances both delivered.

To break it down, KICK is a comedy action thriller film from which Devi (Salman Khan) plays a character who lashes on to the oddest of activities as he gets a kick from it. The first half of the movie is a romance and comedy pursuit that is played between Devi and Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez) who glamours the life out of Devi. Devi who plays a second figure further in the film this time known as Devil, is a thief chasing money, now you would know what sort of kick he gets because where there is kick, then there is Devi or Devil.


The first half progressed at a slower pace as the romance between Shaina and Devi builds up and then deteriorates at a latter stage. But comedy is present and Salman Khan delivers an entertaining characterisation of kick. But as Himanshu (Randeep Hooda) enters the frame away from the train journey, he now gets in to his police officer duties and this creates the up-tempo of the movie. It becomes more interesting and the rivalry between Himanshu and Devil keeps the viewers attracted the scenes further on. As mentioned, the build up was immense and having a detective officer chase after a kick obsessed thief or a superhero thief, it just gives that little extra spice to the film itself.



Each star brings his or her own persona and that is exactly what you get to see. Salman Khan portrays his comedy and action side as well as dominant character with a strong attribute to tackle and fight against anything and everything. Jacqueline Fernandez adds the glamour and ensures that she brings some attention away from Salman as she is given plenty of screen time in which she delivers a strong performance. Randeep Hooda who is often given a second fiddle supporting lead in a star cast, once again shows his potential. He seems to have that acting talent where he can deliver a noteworthy of a performance amongst the main leads. I have said it before and will say it again, Randeep Hooda is way too underrated, maybe it is good, so at least he carries on showcasing a very effective on screen presence. Nawazuddin Siddiqui comes in to the film in the 2nd half and he is another who takes some of the limelight away from the main leads playing a more or less a villain type of role. His entry on to the circle of chase between Randeep and Salman entices the movie to become more exciting. Overall as for the cast, very good performances by the main stars and it showed as they fitted in well with the screenplay of Kick movie.


KICK is a film that certainly has exceeded the expectations, at first it never really attracted attention as at first glimpse from promos, it never was a must watch. But after taking the time out and getting the opportunity to sit down and witness it, one would say it really did give a kick in the theatre. From the screenplay to the cast who played in the movie, it all fitted in well and gelled together leaving just small talking points as negatives and disappointments. The main negative talking point would be the pace at which the story would unfold. Bare in mind when you go to see this film, every story has it’s logic, and the man behind the mask (Salman Khan) has his own reasons behind what he does. A complete change of thought, as the old saying goes, never judge a book by it’s cover, keep that in mind for the film. But nevertheless this production certainly will give the box office a kick, do go and check out the movie.

RATING – 4 out of 5