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Kazz Kumar returns with her fiery new track ‘Superwoman’

Kazz Kumar returns with the fiery ‘Superwoman’
featuring Raxstar & produced by JC Sona




London based singer/songwriter Kazz Kumar is back after a brief hiatus from the music industry, delivering a slice of feisty Brit pop with her new single ‘Superwoman’. An instantly catchy hook, with Kazz’s inimitable vocals laced over a heavy production by JC Sona, ‘Superwoman’ is a big return to form for Kazz, who also teases with a subtle Hindi undertone.


‘Superwoman’ features stand out British rapper Raxstar, combining two of the UK’s finest and most fearless British Asian talents for the first time. The track is a colourful and classy cocktail of influences, pop, R&B and trap, which has been meticulously thread together by producer JC Sona, who along with lead vocalist Kazz formed half of the popular British Asian group the Sona Family a few years ago.

On the new release, Kazz says: “We all worked hard on this as a collective. Getting into the studio after a while was made a lot easier by such great talents and friends JC Sona and Raxstar. ‘Superwoman’ is a good reflection of my personality and after hearing the finished product I was really excited to put it out and see what people thought of it. I’ve always had an edge to my music and image and this is no different, it even has me singing a bit of Hindi!”


‘Superwoman’ will be available to pre-order on 20th November and available to buy on iTunes on 4th December.



Kazz Kumar returns with her fiery new track ‘Superwoman’

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