Kami K Bollywood Breaks video Teaser

The x1x team have returned yet again with another breakthrough music video featuring the latest in groundbreaking technology for the
latest When
Kami K first approached us he wanted a video that featured two tracks and both should have two distinct looks.

Both these video's needed to be something that has never been seen before on the Asian music scene.

The first half of the video was shot entirely on location in Spain to create the amercian sun, sea and sand look and was shot over three days.
The guys at x1x filmed this second half at the x1x animation studios using greenscreen and then applied groundbreaking effects later at the x1x post-production studio.

Finally there is a video that everyone will be talking about and
this should send a message to all the other record labels to take
notice of whats going on over at the x1x film studios.
The teaser is up on the
exclusive section ;D

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