Kalikwest Connected Vol.1 PUNJAB2000 EXCLUSIVE

Kalikwest Connected Vol.1 PUNJAB2000 EXCLUSIVE



Kalikwest has been working on a 12 track origional album which will feature some great punjabi vocalist, Producers from the UK/USA and some great Mc's/rappers.

One of the Artist who we are working with and who we have just completed 3 other tracks with other producers is SUKHWINDER PANCHI. Check out a clip of Panchi in the vocal booth working on an intro for a song that we are working on  Hope you Enjoy.

The Album is Still in progress and we don't have no more info on who is releasing it in UK,INDIA Etc but we are working on finalizing tracks first and then can let you all know…

Thanks for All the Support and Yes i will have other producers doing the production and won't say "I DID IT"!!
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