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Gabru Punjab Da

JP Randhawa -Gabru Punjab Da

New talent to look out for this summer: JP Randhawa

Gabru Punjab Da

Gabru Punjab Da

Who is this?, I hear you ask. Type his name into YouTube and you will find that his debut single: Gabru Punjab Da has already captured more than 100,000 followers within hours. Why? Because he makes a refreshing change from the repetitive melodies and themes that have plagued the Punjabi music scene for so many years. Having spent most of his life learning classical and Western music, his style exudes a versatile edge. You will not know whether you prefer his Pop, Sufi or Romantic songs as each one has been done to bring out the best in his vocals: the sign of a true music artist.

You will also recognise his vocals when the Punjabi film Kirdaar comes out later this year, as he has collaborated with other talented musicians to complete some groundbreaking tracks for this production. Having a strong passion to exhibit the best in Punjabi culture through his work, this is certainly one artist to look out for.

You can watch his debut single Gabru Punjab Da on YouTube by following this link…


Singer JP Randhawa
Music Sukhjinder Alfaaz
Lyrics Shivdeep
Editor Puneet ASP
Choreographer Munish Kiki
Video By Cine Vision Flims
Mixing & Mestering Anil Sharma