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JINX, duo Dubz and Jogi, hail from the Rochdale and have been on the DJ circuit for over 5 years. Their aim; to bring a fresh, new, diverse sound to the Asian music scene. 

 The sound they describe as British Asian music, fused with urban and experimental made for all ages and for everyone to enjoy. The both grew up in Greater Manchester as childhood friends and a few years ago, decided that this was a dream that they definitely wanted to pursue.

Still young, both only 21 years old, these two men have enough determination and drive to be able to develop and grow both personally and musically. Dubz, the more relaxed of the two, had a keen interest in music and football from a very young age constantly participating in various musical activities and workshops.

His musical influences range from a different number of genres as he grew up listening to the likes of Oasis, Mary J Blige, AR Rahman more recently Adnan Sami and Punjabi Folk music. After leaving school, Dubz pursued his interest in music by buying a pair of decks and beginning to learn the basics of DJing.

 Since then, he hasn’t looked back. As for the football, Dubz is a keen Liverpool supporter and loved playing the game so much that he took an FA football coaching course and now teaches local kids football skills.Jogi, the hyper half of the duo, had a passion for music and football ever since his school days, always entertaining, performing and kicking a ball wherever he could inbetween his music, from school parties to mate’s events he would take control of the decks and microphone to entertain the crowds.

From a young age, Jogi has been inspired by a wide range of artists and music from the likes of RD Burman, Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, Brian Adams & Madonna, all these artists and many more have made Jogi’s passion grow and inspired him to make music himself, while at the same time supporting his beloved team Manchester United as many will notice with his constant mentions of Eric Cantona, his footballing hero!

From small audiences to big audiences, Jinx feel at home playing at the small annual ladies event called Sahailee, to melas with thousands of people. Both have played alongside some great names in music and have been heavily influenced by this. Jinx’s knowledge of the Asian music scene and undeterred desire to learn how to make music has inspired them to take this love further.

 “We want to continue making British Asian Music as the scene is evolving steadily and would like to move into other markets like Bollywood”. In 2002 after DJing at various underground events Dubz and Jogi decided to start there own clique ’ JINX ’ where they have been very successful and played at many renowned venues and at various mela’s.

Understanding the importance of the younger generation, Dubz has held various music and DJ based events and schemes for the youth of Manchester, hopefully giving something back to the community where Jinx started.

Having just completed their debut album, Culture Shock, which is to be released via the Asian Flavas label on 17th April 2006, you will soon hear much more about Jinx. Their ambition is to “one day, be recognized for (their) style of music” and it’s pretty evident, that day isn’t far away. Just JINX…

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