Jinx – Culture Shock

JINX, duo Dubz and Jogi, hail from Rochdale, Manchester and have been on
the DJ circuit for over 5 years. Their aim – to bring a fresh, new & diverse
sound to the Asian music scene. The sound – they describe as British Asian
music, fused with urban and experimental made for all ages and for everyone to
enjoy. The end product – their debut album Culture Shock.

Culture Shock, released on the independent Asian Flavaz label, has a little
something for everyone with bhangra bangers, R&B anthems, Bollywood vibes and
Pakistani Indian Pop, whilst at the same time featuring some amazing
vocalists including Sohail Salamat and Bila Sahota. The range on the album is a
result of their various musical influences which range from Oasis to Mary J
Blige and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

The first track to be taken off the album, Akhiyan Udeek Diyan, is jinx’s
version of the famous original by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan track and has already
been receiving great feedback. Jogi explains, “it’s a song on the album which
holds a lot of sentimental value for us, not only was it the first song that
produced but is also sang initially by the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
someone who we admire and respect the utmost. The idea of converting a famous well
known qawalli into modern day bhangra appealed to us greatly We tried giving
the song a UK music style by adding urban influenced music along with
various Indian sounds.”

The current videos which are being heavily rotated on the Asian channels are
Akhiyan and the final track on their album, Rang to which Don D lends his
vocals and features a heavy bass line and infectious drum beats, not to
mention a melodious musical rift throughout. Rang has one intention, and that is to
get you on the dance floor and singing along. Dubz says, “We wanted to make
a song that would be played in every club, car, home etc. With the influences
of various styles of music we came up with the idea for Rang.”

Other tracks on the album include the contemporary Show You – an R&B number
with an Arabic influence, Nachley – a more traditional number with a modern
interpretation, Mitrade – simply made to make you want to dance, Shisha Da
Lenga (which means Mirrored Dress) – which features bold Punjabi lyrics, Yaad –
a more emotional track and Gal Sun – a soulful song of which the lyrics and
melody were co-written by Jinx and looks likely to be the next single with a
video being shot soon.

The video’s for Akhiyan Udeek Diyan and Rang are currently rotating on the
Asian music channels. Culture Shock is released via the Asian Flavaz album and
is available to purchase on Monday 17th April 2006.

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